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5 Star Rating
Ruben Palafox from mentone on 8/16/2016 for an auto service of their 2013 MERCEDES-BENZ C250 SPORT and their testimonial is:


"Good fast service and very honest at an affordable price."
5 Star Rating
Rick from on 8/5/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


" I am very satisfied with my service at S&S. I have always received the best Quality performance every time I have gone to their shop. I have been going there for about seven years and have always received courteous top-quality work done to my car. I would recommend S&S to anyone that has a Mercedes, BMW, or any high quality car. They are all Rees courteous and very helpful. They recommend service that may be due, and Service that can be put off for a little later. I would recommend them to anyone who wants top of line Service. Rich"
5 Star Rating
Paris D. Brunner from on 8/4/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Fair and quality work"

"Excellent service, kept in touch with me about the status of the work throughout, performed everything in a very timely manner. Sam is a pleasure to work with!"
5 Star Rating
Cindy S from on 7/7/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"The only people"

"Excellent! I stopped on my lunch hour because my Mercedes had a check engine light and was running terrible. They took me right in, cleared the engine light and my car is running fine again. I even made it back to work on time. My car does need some additional work and I will definitely be taking it to S & S. Thank you guys so much"
5 Star Rating
Charles Roberts from redlands on 7/2/2016 for an auto service of their 1977 MERCEDES-BENZ 450SL and their testimonial is:

"Friendly, helpful and professional"

"Service is fast, professional, reasonable."
5 Star Rating
Ben from on 6/11/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Prompt service"

"Very high quality and honest reliable service . Qualities that are hard to find with repair shops."
5 Star Rating
David Hinckley from on 6/8/2016 for an auto service of their 1998 Mercedes-Benz E-Class and their testimonial is:

"Kind and informative"

"Sam and Scott are the very best mechanics I have found, and I have visited at least eight other shops before settling on their garage as my "go to" place for repairs. They are very kind, extremely honest, and they are both highly trained professionals with great knowledge of Mercedes Benz vehicles as well as others. I could not imagine a better shop!"
5 Star Rating
Lorenzo from on 5/27/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Do good work"

"Excellent work in a timely manner. "
5 Star Rating
Brenton from on 5/24/2016 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"For courteous, expert and professional service, Go see Scott and Sam.."
5 Star Rating
Nate Noble from san bernardino on 5/21/2016 for an auto service of their 2001 BMW 3-Series and their testimonial is:


"Great customer service, competitive prices with quality work. "

Reviews from Google

5 Star Rating
Alicia H from 08/04/2021:
"Came for a diagnosis on my 2009 ML 350 and they were really nice, explained everything very thoroughly, it did take a while BUT they are very busy so I’m not complaining, the service is great. Prices are affordable, they are honest people and I will definitely be back! I highly recommend this shop."
1 Star Rating
christianblackmtlrlz from 08/04/2021:
"I suspected that my car had an oil leak so contacted these guys for the first time. Initially things went great in that I got an appointment very quickly for the next morning (Wednesday 7/21) with Duane. Communications via email and texts were great, Duane was early for the appointment and quickly diagnosed that a gasket and a hose needed replacing. The fix was fairly expensive so Duane said that the quote would be on their website and to think about it and book it if we decided to go ahead. That afternoon we decided to proceed with the fix and went on the website to book the appointment. Well, there were 3 quotes listed for the work. 2 For the same amount but showing different repairs and 1 substantially higher which showed some repairs the same and some different. Coolant and break fluid were listed in the quotes which seemed strange for an oil leak repair so I called them. I dealt with a nice guy who said that he would contact Duane for clarification and call me back. NADA. Called them again on Monday, 2 days later, again spoke with a nice lady who explained that break fluid was needed to fix an oil leak - DUH ! She too said that she would contact Duane for clarification and that either she or Duane would call me back to explain why there were 3 different quotes covering different fixes for the same oil leak repair. One week later I am still waiting for that telephone call so, sorry for the poor review but I feel it is deserved because you completely dropped the ball and didn't follow through as you said you would. Now I'm looking for a reliable mobile mechanic to carry out this repair and maintain all of our 4 vehicles in the future. Know any??"
5 Star Rating
Dona Hammonds from 09/09/2021:
"Sam I want to thank you and your employees for always doing an awesome job working on my car no matter what needs to be done I’m always very satisfied."
5 Star Rating
Gary Greene from 09/24/2021:
"Very honest and professional. Got me back on my four feet in no time. Great clean work. Will definitely visit again."
5 Star Rating
Shelley Pope from 06/09/2021:
"Reliable, professional, friendly and fairly priced. S & S Inland Star checks all the boxes! If you’re looking for a great mechanic,, and/or want to ditch the expensive dealer service experience, your search is over. This shop is great!"