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Originating as far back as the 1880s, Mercedes-Benz set many firsts in the automotive industry. The original founder of Mercedes-Benz, Karl Benz, patented the first petrol-powered automobile in 1886, and the company was the first to develop a hybrid vehicle and a self-driving car, decades before those ideas became popular with other brands. Mercedes-Benz today are known as one of the most stylish and luxurious cars, and the brand is commended for their integrity and their commitment to safety for their motorists and passengers.

If you own a Mercedes-Benz and are in Highland or San Bernardino, S and S Inland Star Mercedes is your one-stop-shop for all your auto repair needs. We pride ourselves in our high-quality customer service and offer a wide variety of auto repair services. Our Mercedes Factory Trained technicians keep up to date on the latest automotive technology and will provide you our highest-quality customer service. Stop by S and S Inland Star Mercedes to get your Mercedes-Benz repaired today!

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Anonymous from Highland, CA on 11/7/2019 for an auto service and their testimonial is:
"It takes a bit longer than getting a service done at the dealership but the price and quality is worth the wait"
Tony O. from Highland, CA on 11/5/2019 for an auto service and their testimonial is:
"S & S is the last of the rare breed of honest mechanics. They are fair, ethical & trustworthy."
Robert from Highland, CA on 10/30/2019 for an auto service and their testimonial is:
"Check them out there good."
Wallace S. from San Bernardino, CA on 10/27/2019 for an auto repair of their Honda and their testimonial is:
"They do excellent work. They are straight forward. You don’t have to worry about being taken for a ride."
Gary D T. from Highland, CA on 10/22/2019 for an auto repair of their Mercedes-Benz and their testimonial is:
"The best! Extremely professional. We trust them completely and recommend them to our friends."
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